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CDS has an idea behind every project we develop. We are professional problem solver and network engineers. We evaluate and then act. Many IT service provider feel fast, in and out service calls are the only way to prosper in today’s market. CDS has learned that to be wrong in all aspects. Our customers are long standing relationships that rely on use to do the right thing and provide the best level of care to them. Whether we are their total manages service provider or a IT/IS consultant, it make no difference. All clients are respected and we don’t nickel and dime when it comes to our reputation and quality of service. Only the best technicians and products are offered to clients.

The best thank you we can ever receive from our clients is a referral to colleague. This is not only our client's ultimate trust but the best measure of us.

CDS strives to bring simple ides into every office we visit and only suggest the best products and services.


IT Support Services

Technology support is a critical function for every company that relies on communications and computing.CDS Techs takes the worry out of maintaining and supporting networks, computers, and other systems.

We offer support services that include on-site services as well as remote monitoring and management for your critical applications, systems, networks and databases.

Our support service is simple. When you experience an issue, call us or log a ticket on our Support web portal. We take it from there. Based on service level, requests are acknowledged within 1 hour by phone or email. Our trained staff work on issue resolution and report status at various stages, keeping you well informed as work is performed and progress is made.

With CDS Techs remote monitoring, we’ll know about any system issues before you do. Our technicians receive and manage issues proactively, to adhere to todays growing GREEN IT movement we attent to handle issues with our remote support tool, limiting automotive emitions and fossil fuel consumption.

  • Point-to-point file transfers
  • Stopping and starting services
  • Support agent chat
  • Advanced remote control
  • Access to the command prompt
  • Detailed service and process information
  • Event logs, registry and local disk manipulation
  • Detailed "real-time" performance and capacity status

Get the IT your business needs, and iT?.

Managed Services ( Proactive Support)

The best solution so you can deliver the best service.
The IT Managed Services From CDS Techs is an integrated IT Automation framework specifically designed for IT service providers. The Kaseya solution manages each client's infrastructure, network components, servers, and users' desktop PCs - remotely, comprehensively and transparently.
Some of our most popular features:

Icon Patch Management
CDS TEchs provides fast, easy and reliable Patch Management software to keep your servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.

Icon PC Inventory Software
CDS Techs provides a fast, accurate and up to date Audit and Discovery of your entire computing infrastructure. Get a complete and comprehensive software and hardware inventory delivered right to your desktop automatically.

Icon Remote Control Software
CDS Techs's Remote Control service provides easy, fast and secure Remote Desktop Management of your entire computing infrastructure from anywhere.

Icon Network Monitoring Software
We Deliver Computer and Network Monitoring Software that give companies the ability to monitor what is going on with their network so they can stop or eliminate problems before they occur.

Icon Automated Deployment
CDS Techs provides Software Deployment for your entire computing infrastructure. Forget learning a new language, setting up multiple servers, training classes and costly consultants - Kaseya eases the task of rolling out applications and updates.

Icon Integrated Reports
CDS Techs provides comprehensive integrated reporting for all data collected and stored in the system. From hardware and software inventory to bandwidth usage and server uptime, we also provide business owners and managers the information they need to effectively utilize their network infrastructure.

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